Koniec cenzury (wyszukiwarkowej) w Chinach

Dzi­siaj wia­do­mość, któ­ra jest dość waż­na dla fina­li­sty Olim­pia­dy Wie­dzy o Pra­wach Czło­wie­ka. Wczo­raj fir­ma Google poda­ła, że nie będzie już dłu­żej cen­zo­ro­wać wyni­ków wyszu­ki­wa­nia w chiń­skiej wer­sji wyszu­ki­war­ki. Lege: nie będzie współ­pra­co­wać w tej dzie­dzi­nie z rzą­dem ChRL. Nareszcie.

Oto, co napi­sa­li na swo­im blogu:

On Janu­ary 12, we anno­un­ced on this blog that Google and more than twen­ty other U.S. com­pa­nies had been the vic­tims of a sophi­sti­ca­ted cyber attack ori­gi­na­ting from Chi­na, and that during our inve­sti­ga­tion into the­se attacks we had unco­ve­red evi­den­ce to sug­gest that the Gma­il acco­unts of dozens of human rights acti­vi­sts con­nec­ted with Chi­na were being routi­ne­ly acces­sed by third par­ties, most like­ly via phi­shing scams or mal­wa­re pla­ced on the­ir com­pu­ters. We also made cle­ar that the­se attacks and the surve­il­lan­ce they unco­ve­red — com­bi­ned with attempts over the last year to fur­ther limit free spe­ech on the web in Chi­na inc­lu­ding the per­si­stent bloc­king of websi­tes such as Face­bo­ok, Twit­ter, YouTu­be, Google Docs and Blog­ger — had led us to conc­lu­de that we could no lon­ger con­ti­nue cen­so­ring our results on Google.cn.

So ear­lier today we stop­ped cen­so­ring our search servi­ces — Google Search, Google News, and Google Ima­ges — on Google.cn. Users visi­ting Google.cn are now being redi­rec­ted toGoogle.com.hk, whe­re we are offe­ring uncen­so­red search in sim­pli­fied Chi­ne­se, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly desi­gned for users in main­land Chi­na and deli­ve­red via our servers in Hong Kong. Users in Hong Kong will con­ti­nue to rece­ive the­ir exi­sting uncen­so­red, tra­di­tio­nal Chi­ne­se servi­ce, also from Google.com.hk. Due to the incre­ased load on our Hong Kong servers and the com­pli­ca­ted natu­re of the­se chan­ges, users may see some slow­down in servi­ce or find some pro­ducts tem­po­ra­ri­ly inac­ces­si­ble as we switch eve­ry­thing over.

Źró­dło: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/new-approach-to-china-update.html